Girth- and cover flanges every gasket surface required can be delivered. Ordering your custom made girth flanges at the same time as the tube sheet gives you the guaranty of an absolute fit. Usually the forging material is the same batch as your tube sheet. The machinery used for girth flanges are:

Vertical NC Lathe No. 1&2 W5000xL6000xH800
Vertical NC Lathe No. 3&4 W5000xL6000xH800
Vertical NC Lathe No. 5&6 W6000xL8000xH800
Horizontal Lathe No. 1u/i 9 Ø1250x4000L

Standard flanges can also be delivered in small quantities that gives you the advantage that all your forgings are ordered at once. It save overhead-, handling and transportation costs. How lean can it be?