Tubesheets, Baffles & Flanges

A complete gamma of main machined parts used for your heat exchanger can be delivered at once. It will save you the effort of multiple requests for quotations, purchase orders, expediting and transportation costs.

It cannot be more efficient.


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Special machined Products

Special machined products can reduce your production costs and lead time drastically. Think about LW-neck flanges with a weld-o-let that reduces the welding time, NDT etc.

The latest result of creative thinking of our customer combined with our skills is a complete machined bonnet of Duplex.

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Welded and machined products

Flow elements, headers, pipe spools, vessels and cladded components such as tube sheets or bonnets are part of our capabilities.

It allows you to extend your capacity or saves you the costs for PQR's in case they is not in your possession in time.

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Technologies We Use

Baffle plate 4Computer MC Center Drill Master

Powerful drilling equipment capable to drill complete baffles with the size of Ø8000mm.

Also cladded tubesheets for condensers will be drilled on this machine with the highest precision.

Tubesheet 25CNC Drilling MC BTA

Tubesheets with a dimension of Ø2000x700mm can be foreseen by tubeholes with a minimum of Ø16,13mm.

We can meet tolerances less than 0,05mm according to TEMA without a doubt.

Our Advantages

Tube sheets, Baffle plates, Girth flanges, Custom made and standard flanges all in one delivery at your company.


  • One RFQ;
  • One Purchase order;
  • One progress report;
  • One incoming goods;
  • One invoice;
  • One transportation cost;
  • One single point

All these products supplied by one manufacturer and delivered at once is a great advantage in overhead- and handling costs.

All raw materials purchased directly at first class mills and forging companies

Foto 03-07-14 11 09 46We are stationed in Busan which is the capital city of heavy industry. Most of the respected forging companies and mills have their premises over there. This gives us short communication lines and short delivery times of the raw materials ready to be machined.



Measure reports and material certificates send to you before shipment

Cover flange 3To guarantee the quality you have required, you'll receive the material certificates and measure reports before it is shipped to you.

In case of special material with additional tests, you can receive the certificates before the machining is started.

Traceability and markings will be executed according EN-10204, AD2000, ASME U&U2 or BS5500


Progress reports and Track&Trace

We know how important it is for you to have reliable delivery dates. Therefore we'll give you a status update on the key points:

  • Material ordered
  • Start machining
  • Ready for shipment.

The Bill of Lading will be sent to you and allows you to Track&Trace your products during the shipment.

The absolute dedication to be the best supplier in the world!

Global Forging Supply knows the European manufacturers expectations and way of communicating. By representing DJF, we can give you the benefits of the South-Korean culture and industry and give you the comfort of European communication with a single point of contact.

What is their culture?

The South-Koreans are very proud at the company they work for and the quality of their products. Their absolute dedication to become the best supplier in the world goes very far.

Try us and you'll find out.